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It’s interesting to see the reactions of most folks brought on by a desolate landscape. The overall gloomy feeling can leave some a little weary and maybe even vulnerable, but I happen to thrive upon such barren treasures. There is something intriguing about an empty landscape, and I know many photographers will agree with me. Such lonely surroundings leave us wanting to search for the untold story with our cameras. As I’ve said before, tracks do not lie, so it was evident there was lots of motion the day before, and even fresher tracks were left behind by wildlife just a few hours before I arrived. Why this landscape was so beaten down on this particular morning, I don’t know. But I’m sure glad I was there to soak it up on my own. 

As I walked along the crunchy snow and ice covered shore of Lake Astotin, I filled up 2 rolls of 120 film, capturing the tracks left behind. While I cannot wait to see the story unfold once the film is developed, I was happy to leave my tracks as part of the landscape for the next photographer to find.

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See you in the field!

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