Shutter Time Podcast Flashback »» Moose Peterson, Y’all!

Posted in: Podcast, Resources, Wildlife Conservation on April 15th, 2014

I received a lecture from my mum a few weeks ago about photography and blogging. We were chatting about a recent blog post where I wrote about episode 78 with Jake Peterson. She mentioned he seems to be a “nice, young man” and thought it was kind of him to blog about the show. I mentioned the only other guest we’ve had on the show who I believe did that was his dad back in 2012. Then she started talking about my interest in wildlife conservation and well, this happened:

After she corrected me with the number of extinct wild species he has in his files, she asked why I never blogged about the show. So I updated her as to why. My response to you all? Hmmm .. 2 seconds into the show and you’ll figure it out.

Since moms know best, here we go! Flashback to July 17th, 2012, when we recorded episode 35, folks:

Moose Peterson-Screen Capture-Shutter Time

I remain in awe of his presence on not only our photography world, but our wild wild. There are many things I learned from the chat with him, but I think I’ll just sum it up by saying he wants us to keep photographing our wildlife and sharing those images. Please have a listen to the show, feel free to laugh at all my stumbles, but more importantly, soak up all the wisdom and knowledge the legend behind the lens has to share with us …

Thanks again, Moose!

See you in the field. Probably stumbling over something else … heh.

Chilly Winter Mornings »» Rural Alberta Photography

Posted in: Agriculture, Discover Alberta, Industrial, Landscapes, Rural Alberta on April 12th, 2014

It had been too long since I’ve went searching for rural Alberta charm and decided to head out a winter morning back in January. On that particular morning, it was fairly mild, around 3C, but windy enough where it was hard to stand still whilst shooting with winds gusting to 70km+ at times, dropping the temps below zero with the wind chill. As I headed east, the sky looked completely flat and boring, but as I continued down those Alberta back roads I’m so fond of, I finally found some colours and textures in the sky. Not a large system for sure, but enough where I decided I might be able to shoot my target. I reached for the Canon 14mm ƒ2.8L and the pumpjacks were lost in the frame with this extreme wide angle lens, so I grabbed my old 1D Mark III, the 70-200mm ƒ2.8L, and the often critical Apex bean bag and started shooting, only this time flipping the bag upside down and shooting from the car hood, using this gear the rest of my relatively short shoot. The Apex came in handy since I forgot my tripod at home …. whoops, right?

pumpjack, drilling, gas, oil, environmental, industrial, machinery, economy, energy, sunrise, winter, silhouette, snow

pumpjack, drilling, gas, oil, environmental, industrial, machinery, economy, energy, sunrise, winter, silhouette, snow

Wanting to capture the classic pumpjack silhouette, I adjusted my settings, held tight onto my gear, at times fighting the strong winds, and fired away. We may not have tumbleweeds blowing by in our neck of the woods, but instead I saw debris, mainly bags and crates, tumble by, dancing across the prairies and continually jumping in my frame. Had I strapped my GoPro to my head this morning, I might have tried to create a knockoff of the flying scene of American Beauty (film buffs, anyone?), but instead I stuck with stills.

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Shutter Time Podcast w/ Jake Peterson!

Posted in: Podcast, Resources on March 21st, 2014

Even though I don’t talk about it too much here anymore, I’m in my 3rd year of co-hosting a photography podcast, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac. We’ve just published our 78th episode and boy, was it a goody! I’ve been starting to blog more about resources here and will continue to do more, but let me just say, a photography podcast is a hell of a resource, ahem! In all seriousness though, we’ve been incredibly lucky to have fantastic guests on the show and this was no exception. Wildlife, landscape and aviation photographer, Jake Peterson, was kind enough to come on the show for a chat about his work. We were chuffed to be his first podcast and we couldn’t ask for a nicer guest.

Jake has a lifetime of experience with nature / wildlife and he’s taken these amazing experiences and have turned them into a successful career behind the lens. His passion for wildlife conservation and capturing the true spirit of aviation history with his camera is rather inspiring. Our wild world needs a strong voice, so I’m always a big fan of photographers who speak up on behalf of our wildlife through their photography.

Please have a listen to the show! If you can get past my rambling, you’ll end up inspired by Jake. Don’t forget to check out his work!

Jake Peterson-Screen Capture-Shutter Time

I think I’m going to start blogging about the podcast on a regular basis. We put a lot of time and energy in our little project and are having a blast doing so. More importantly, it’s because of the cool listeners we have who, like Mac and I, enjoy the art of discussion about photography, so they keep us wanting to find more topics to discuss. You can subscribe to us via iTunes!

Thanks again, Jake!

See you in the field!