Canadian Geese in Spring | Elk Island National Park Wildlife

by on November 12, 2017

Branta canadensis (scientific name) 

It’s 6am as I write this and it is pitch black and chilly outside. I am finding myself missing this time o morning when the strong sun has already risen by 5am, warming up the land. So, I quickly grabbed my iPhone to look at a few photos made towards the tail end of spring in June several years ago at 6am. I knew exactly which photos would do the trick: a watchful Canadian goose (Branta canadensis) mama and several of her babies, all who were still napping except for the one. Below are two of such photos made at Elk Island National Park.

It’s such a great time of the year because during mid to late spring, the national parks are not too insane during the week or weekends at dawn or sunrise, the air is ridiculously fresh and not too hot, plus we can hear nature wake up all around us. The sounds of birds chirping, bison grunting, deer eating, birds flapping their wings, and beavers swimming are perfection.

Canadian geese goslings (Branta canadensis) napping, with one gosling wide awake, shortly after sunrise during the very tail of spring at Elk Island National Park, Alberta wildlife.

Side portrait of a Canada goose mama (Branta canadensis) shortly after a strong sunrise during the very end of spring at Elk Island National Park, Alberta wildlife.


Oh, how I cannot wait to experience these moments once again. Mid to late spring and the early days of summer are easily tied for my second favourite time of year after our autumn season. Since I had to miss the spring, summer, and autumn seasons this year due to an ongoing injury, I am counting down the days. 184 days until mid-May and 211 days until this fabulous time of year, the very tail end of spring, is upon us. As I wait for the seasons to turn, I’ll keep looking at photos. That’s another beauty of photography – it’s right there when we need it.


See you in the field!


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